The Spot Repair Company
The Plastic Repair Company

Automotive Plastic
Repair Capabilities

Bumpers (Plastic, Urethane, SMC, Fibreglass)
Grilles, wing mirrors and external mouldings
Inner trim and dashboards (hard plastic)
Radiator/windscreen plastic bottles
Headlights and tail light bases
Spoiler kits
Roof pods
Hub caps
Anything plastic
Anything automotive? We can fix grilles, external mouldings, bodykits.
We do dent removal, bumper repair and fix plastic interior and exterior
Call 09 444 5553 for bumpers and anything plastic
The Plastic Repair Company has had a significant role in the automotive plastic repair market. 30 years experience and technical expertise has enabled the company to offer an efficient, flexible and high quality plastic repair service

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to automotive plastic repair. The company is constantly seeking and exploring new information on international trends and developments in automotive plastic repair solutions and equipment.

The Plastic Repair Company is committed to providing and effective and efficient service for their customers.
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