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About The Plastic Repair Company
Our 1400 square metre purpose built factory

History and Future

Pioneering, visionary, innovative, ahead of their time.
The Plastic Repair Company has a reputation for quality, experience, capability and the capacity to deliver. They are an important link in the repairing of plastic components in motor vehicles. With the diversity in materials, shapes and sophisticated designs, the company pride themselves on being innovative in the progress of repair techniques.

Pioneering development of new paint systems for plastic repairs and equally demanding painting and curing technologies led to the introduction of Infratech Ltd in 1990. InfratechTM is an infrared paint curing technology modified from USA designs to suit local conditions.

The Plastic Repair Company is Auckland's first licensed operator using the Glasurit Ratio Spot Repair System. This pioneering spirit has been with the Company since its beginnings.
Call 09 444 5553 for the repair of bumpers or anything plastic
Founded in 1977, the Plastic Repair company is a proudly owned and developed New Zealand Business.

It was the first company in Australasia specialising in the repair of automotive plastics.

From a humble backyard shed 29 years ago to a 1400 square metre purpose built factory, housing state of the art equipment in Glenfield, Auckland.

The Company is an industry leader with a reputation for quality, service, innovation and competitive marketing.