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The Plastic Repair Company
Anything marine? We can repair or modify marine plastic.

Marine Repairs

There has been a huge increase in the use of plastic made products in the marine industry because of their strength, light weight and ease of handling. With our visionary spirit and technical abilities, The Plastic Repair Company has been pioneering the repair and modification of many marine based plastic products

Marine Capabilities

Grey water or waste holding tanks
Kayaks and canoes
Jet skis
Pleasure craft
kayaks, conoes and jet skis - some of the marine based plastic we can repair
What about motorcycles? We repair motorcycle plastic too. Any plastic.
Motorcycle Motorcycle plastics are easily damaged and can be expensive to replace. The Plastic Repair Company has the specialist technology to repair and re-spray award winning show bikes, farm quad bikes and more.

Motorcycle Capabilities

Road, motor cross, farm and quad bikes
Guards and fairings
Mirrors and indicator arms
Pannier saddlebags
Call 09 444 5553 for kayak, conoe and jet ski repairs and modifications, anything plastic
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