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The Plastic Repair Company
We can spay paint anything for you. If it fits into our spay booth, we'll paint it.
The recent addition of our state of the art ECO-TECH 7.5 metre heated down draft low bake spray booth and oven enables us to provide our customers with a total spray painting solution. Combined with our new facilities and innovative Glasurit Paint System, The Plastic Repair Company can offer its customers a superior, professional and cost efficient spray painting service.

These spray painting services cover industrial, commercial and domestic clients ranging from large components to smaller individual pieces.

Spray painting

Industrial / Commercial

Production run plastic components
Refrigeration both new and refurbished
Office equipment refurbishment
Machinery parts

If it will fit in our booth, we'll paint it


Appliance re-colouring
Audio equipment surrounds to match interior design
Plastic / fibreglass furniture
Architectural fittings, switch plates, covers etc
Call 09 444 5553 if you would like anything professionally spray painted, refurbished, or re-coloured.
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